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A new beginning (and a new WordPress plugin)

It is never easy to write the first post of a blog, fortunately for me it is already the third time and actually the second for this very blog.
After three years of my first encounter with the blogging world I decided to move a step forward and reboot, but with much more experience by my side.

In this reborn blog I will focus on my passion, that is software development, and I want to start presenting the WordPress plugin that I wrote for this event.
It is called Front Page Exclude By Date and is a very simple plugin that I needed to hide my old posts from appearing on the front page without deleting them and losing all links pointing to them.

You can still read the old posts by searching for them or clicking on your bookmarks and now you can also find on this blog the series of posts on functional programming and the F# language taken from the website, which is no longer updated and merged with this blog.

In the next days I'll talk about my Ruby client library for Project Voldemort, stay connected and follow me on Twitter!


let title = "Hello World"

When I was attending the first year of my university course, a teacher of mine used Haskell to teach us the basics of software development.

It was amazing, functional programming makes you think differently about programming.

In the functional paradigm functions are used in their real mathematical sense.
Hence, they are only computation objects and there is no information about state or mutable data.

Functional programming languages exist since more than 50 years ago, LISP is one of them, but they have never been seriously adopted outside the academia.

Now, the computer science world is gradually moving toward functional programming.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Erlang, a functional language originally developed by Ericsson, and in 2007 Microsoft presented F#, which is a multi-paradigm language targeting .Net and largely based on OCaml.

In this blog I'll write down my progresses in learning this language and I hope that you can profit from my experience.

I'll come back to you soon with the first article, if you want in the meanwhile you can start from the links on the right side of the page.