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Spell checking with F#

Some months ago I have written an introductory article on F# for the "IoProgrammo" magazine (sorry, Italian only!) and now I have published a second article on the latest issue of the same magazine.

This new article covers more advanced topics and is focused on writing a basic spell checker that mixes together the functional and object-oriented programming paradigms.

The spell checking algorithm is implemented in functional F# and is based on the Jaro-Winkler similarity distance while the UI is WPF-based and written with OO code.

I hope you will appreciate the article and I'll be very happy to get any feedback from the readers.

IoProgrammo - February 2010

IoProgrammo - February 2010


F# introductory article on IoProgrammo magazine

If you understand Italian, you may be interested in reading an introductory article on F# I wrote for the most important Italian programming magazine called "IoProgrammo" and that was published a few days ago in the August issue.

The article covers the very first steps with F#, from installation to writing a first working sample application, which can be used to encrypt/decrypt messages using the Vigenere cipher.

I hope you can find useful, if you have any comments I'll be glad to hear from you.

IoProgrammo - August 2009

IoProgrammo - August 2009