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This page aims to be a central point to group all the projects I'm currently involved or I participated in the past.

I started writing this page because I found out that even if I participated in many projects, I don't have a unique point of access to them.

For each one of them I'll publish links to documentation, source code, links and everything else I can collect on it.

The following list is not complete, I'll try to complete it soon, but for now please accept my apologies.

  1. Project Voldemort Ruby client library
  2. Contributions to open-source projects (PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Songbird)
  3. lib_mysqludf_str - A library of MySQL UDFs for working with strings
  5. Google Gadgets
  6. WordPress Plugins
  8. Articles and books

Project Voldemort Ruby client library

A pure-Ruby client library for Project Voldemort, a distributed key-value storage system based on Amazon Dynamo.
The library uses ruby_protobuf, the Ruby version of Google Protocol Buffers, as a base for the communication protocol.
For further information please visit the project page on Google Code repository:

Contributions to open-source projects

This list shows some of the patches and code contributions to open-source projects such as MySQL, PHP, WordPress or Songbird:


MySQL UDFs offer a powerful way to extend the functionality of your MySQL database.
lib_mysqludf_str aims to offer a library of string functions which can complement the native one, in order to ease the development of MySQL-based applications.
For further information please visit the dedicated page on The MySQL UDF Repository:


AMGA is the gLite Metadata Catalogue, designed to meet the requirements of the EGEE grid-computing applications. Its implementation uses streaming to communicate between client and server which shows a very promising performance.

Initially, access to AMGA was only possible using C/C++, Java or Python, and this library allows the developers to connect to an AMGA metadata server using PHP.

For further information please visit the AMGA website:

The PHP API documentation can be found at:

Google Gadgets

My experiments with the Google Gadgets API:

WordPress Plugins

My open-source extensions to WordPress:

A blog devoted to functional programming and F#, Microsoft functional programming language based on the .Net framework.

This blog can be found at and despite the domain extension it is entirely written in English.

Articles and books

My adventures in the technical publishing world:

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