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What to do with a 99$ HP TouchPad?

I remember very clearly when webOS was announced. I was still living in Italy and not working for Google yet, Android was far from being as popular as it is now and I personally believed webOS was going to be a huge success (I also applied for a job at Palm, but that's a different story).

The announcement that HP will discontinue production of all webOS took me by storm. One year passed since Palm was acquired for $1.2 billion and less than two months since the launch of the TouchPad, the first tablet running webOS.

When the TouchPad finally came out it had a very hard time gaining traction against strong competitors like the iPad and all Android tablets. Price was too high to convince people to give it a shot, however, declaring it a failure and selling all units in stock for 99$ (instead of 399$) was probably an untimely decision.

It took less than 24 hours for all online stores to sell all their units and some people were even camping outside Best Buy stores to get the 99$ tablet, so HP probably had to lower the price in advance to build the user base, instead of just giving up.

I managed to order one of those tablets, I never tried one before, but price was too good to let it pass. There are also rumors of an Android port for the TouchPad and its specs seem pretty good. I know there will be no new apps and no support, but if it runs a browser you can still do almost everything, can't you?

Have you tried webOS or the HP TouchPad? Have you considered buying one for 99$?


Free tickets and promo code for Progressive .NET Tutorials in London

It's been less than a month since I left London to move to the Bay Area and I already have a good reason to come back.

Skills Matter and the London .NET User Group are organizing the Progressive .NET Tutorials in London on September 5-7 and the agenda looks quite interesting, with two tracks and a lot of important names, including my fellow Googler Jon Skeet!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the event but the good part of it (good for you) is that I have two free tickets to give away!

The first two people to comment this post will get a free ticket each, but please only participate if you really plan to attend the event.

Don't despair if you don't get one of the two free tickets, if you want to buy one you can use the promo code PROGNET50 when registering to get a £50 discount off the ticket price.