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One year at Google (or how I was hired)

Exactly one year ago I started working for Google so it's about time to look back at how this new life has been doing so far.

I came to Google after a very long hiring process. It's not usually like that, but it took 11 months for me to get from the first contact with the recruiter to the job offer.

Everything started on June 2009, when a Google recruiter saw my submission on the job site and sent me an email offering to schedule the first of a series of phone interviews for a Developer Programs Engineer position in Mountain View.

In my opinion, the phone interview went terribly bad, but apparently the interviewer disagreed with me and I was asked to setup a second phone interview with another Googler. I did that at the beginning of July and this time I was quite positive about the results.

And I was right, everything was going well and I was invited to fly to a Google office for the onsite interviews.
Actually, I thought everything was going well, but instead something went wrong. The position was filled by someone else and there was no open headcount for me so I had to wait and wait and wait...

I was on hold till December 2009, when the recruiter finally contacted me again for a new opportunity for the same position in London or Dublin. My preference was still for Mountain View, but you don't say no to Google, do you?

This time things moved faster and I went to Dublin for the onsite interviews right after Christmas, only to find one of the coldest winters in ages and have 3 out of my 4 flights cancelled due to the snow. I eventually made it to Dublin and went through 7 interviews, from 11.30am to 5.30pm!

I went back home tired but enthusiastic and I kept my fingers crossed for days, waiting for the response from the hiring committee. It took less than I was expecting to get the answer, and I'm here now, so you may easily guess what that answer was like ;-)

Well, I guess I'll talk about my first year at Google in the next post...

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  1. I’m sure Google made ??the right choice and I bet that you will be one of the key man for the most growing company in the world! Be proud of yourself! ;-) go go go Claudio!

  2. Thanks, I’m really proud of me ;-)

  3. Bravo! Complimenti. Un abbraccio da Catania.

  4. Hi Claudio,

    I’m glad you shared your hiring process. At the end, your passion for Google was stronger than the forces of nature. Bravo!

    Next week I have a phone interview for a Developer Program Engineer but in London and I’m researching about possible interview questions.

    Would you be share the kind of questions they asked you?



  5. Hi Joan,

    Unfortunately I can’t share any specific details about the questions asked during the interview, I’m sure you’ll understand.
    Best of Luck


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