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“Getting started with Audacity” book review

I always thought that audio editing was a very complex task, however I had to change my mind when Packt Publishing asked me to review their book "Getting started with Audacity".

The book is targeted to novices like me and starts from the very basics of audio editing using Audacity, an open-source software available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
It actually constitutes a step-by-step guide to edit audio files and publish your own podcasts, without forgetting expert topics such as Skype integration and using advanced effects and filters.

The author structured the book into 10 chapters, but you will be already able to edit audio files and publish them on the web after the first three chapters, which sum less than 50 pages. Chapter 4 talks about basic editing while chapter 5 explains how to perform advanced editing to turn your recordings into professional tracks.

Going through the second half of the book you will also learn to export your podcasts, add background music or how to use plugins to add functionalities to Audacity.

If you are new to audio editing and want to learn, check this book out, you won't be disappointed.

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